Take Proper Care of Your Penis

If you are not taking proper care of your penis, it is no wonder that it has went on strike and is not functioning correctly. Maybe you are saying that your penis is functioning just fine but it is not big enough. No matter whether you have a problem with erectile dysfunction or if you have a problem with the size of your penis, it is important that you know how to properly take care of your penis.

Performing Regular Checks

Besides for your yearly checkups that you get you also need to make sure that your penis is looking and feeling normal. Is it overly sensitive? Are there bumps or lumps that have formed? If any of these things come up it is important that you would speak to your doctor and see what kind of help may need to be had.

Keeping your penis clean is very important. Oftentimes the penis is overlooked. Sure you take a shower and wash all over but are you making sure all of the crevices and crannies in the penis are well washed? An infection can cause serious penis problems and cause you not to be able to perform sexually.

Exercise Your Penis

If you want a penis that functions better or even becomes bigger you need to look into penis exercises. Penis exercises are not difficult to do but the rewards that you reap can be great. It is important at you would do them on a regular basis and make sure that you do not wimp out whenever it comes time to get them done.

For one of the exercises all that you need is a towel. Whenever your penis is erect you simply put the towel over your penis and begin to contract your muscles to bring your penis upward. This is like weight lifting for your penis. The heavier the towel, the more resistance but you want to start out light so you do not injure yourself.

There are other exercises that you can do that help with your penis function and increasing penis size. The important key to any of these exercises and any exercises really is to maintain consistency. You have to make it a habit to do these exercises.

Moisturize Your Penis

Do not overlook your penis being dry. You can use something like Shea butter to keep your penis moist and feeling good. If your penis is dry you may find that you cannot function as well as you would like because of the discomfort. Any time that you have discomfort it is going to be more difficult for you.


These simple things can do done to help your penis. Keep them in mind the next time you may be experiencing a problem and if you are ready to start seeing results today you can start using them now.

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