Penis Exercises To Increase Your Size

One of the best, and definitely the cheapest way to add inches to your penis is by using your hands. No, it’s not masturbation, although this might help as well. We are talking about penis exercises that you can do with your bare hands, no devices, stretchers or pumps are needed. There is no need to take any pills or sign up for surgery. It’s all in your hands – literally.

There are two major types of these exercises, both of which we will briefly talk about today – Stretching and Jelqing. Both are equally good, you can (and should) incorporate both into your daily routine to get your blood flowing and your penis growing.

Penis Stretching

deviceIn order to make your penis longer, your ligaments need to be stretched and lengthened. This is also what most penis traction devices do in order to give you some additional length. Although these products are very good and results can be obtained faster than by exercise alone, many men don’t feel like buying them.

When it comes to stretching exercises, you can comfortably do it when you are alone and have a few minutes to spare. Here is how it goes.

First of all, you need to be flaccid for this one. Now, grab your penis below the head and get a good grip. Pull it away from your body firmly but slowly stretching it as far as you can go without feeling pain. Hold this position for around 20-30 seconds and release. Rest for 5 seconds and do another one.

It is best to do at least 100 repetitions if you are doing the exercise once a day. If you do it more often, you can do less reps. But remember, the more the merrier.

Penis Jelqing

jelqAnother way how your penis can gain in size is to improve blood flow into the penis and make it hold more blood as well. There are two chambers – Corpora Cavernosa – on the top side of your penis that when filled with blood causes you to have an erection. To enlarge your penis, you need to increase the capacity of Corpora Cavernosa. This can be done with jelqing.

This works in a similar way to body builders who are trying to bulk up. They lift weights and their muscle tissue expands, cells split up and when it recovers, muscle becomes bigger. The same happens with your penis when doing these exercises.

There are many versions of the Jelq, however, let’s take a closer look how to perform one of the easiest one, that still delivers results.

You need to be semi-erect, around 70% is perfect. Form the “OK” sign with your thumb and index finger and grip your penis close to the base. Now just move your hand upwards towards the penis head and stop right below the head. You can alternate your hands when one gets tired. Repeat and perform around 50 strokes. You can feel your penis getting bigger already!

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